La Grande Transformation

100 years after the foundation of Bauhaus we perform La Grande Transformation. During the three day performative workshop participants are invited to bring daily objects from their homes that will be transformed by the designers into non-original Bauhaus objects and highlighted in the growing exhibition in the space.

With La Grande Transformation we wants to bring together Bauhaus, a modernist movement that shaped 100 years of global design history, and today’s local culture of Marseille embodied by its citizens, their everyday objects and the personal stories behind each artefact. The performance aims to blur the line between the daily used, seemingly unspectacular and the highlighted, celebrated, elite, untouchable.

The modification of the brought objects into Bauhaus imitations questions the fame and actual influence of the Bauhaus as one of several modernist design and architecture groups while using the educational approach of the Bauhaus as its main source of inspiration. It confronts one of the Bauhaus’ goals to design objects for mass production and affordable to the mass that mostly turned into design classics or exhibition pieces with the actual current commodity culture in a city like Marseille. Through the performative workshop the contrast between the modernist idea to create simplicity and the same conditions for everyone internationally versus the cultural diversity, social inequality and individual stories that we find in Marseille becomes visible.

Collaboration with Anais Borie and Ottonie von Roeder
The project has been organised by the Goethe-institute Marseille in collaboration with La friche la belle de Mai.
It is funded by the European project heritage contact zone with the suppoort of the proogram creative Europe of the European Union.