The digitized and 3D rendered object you see in the movie is a bundle of human hair from Korea. It is labelled as unknown. The National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden is uncertain about how and why it arrived. There are many questions about this tangible piece of which we know nothing. Who was the owner? Where did s/he came from and what was her/his life like?

While I am combing my hair, my hair begins to grow. The gesture of touching it, rubbing it, it starts to make traces in the air. On a possible passing from the inscription to the body is a performative passage that embodies this liminal state of the object in which it resurrects and mediates with us.

The transition from one medium to another opened a passage. This dialectical passage shifts the human material from one time to another and from one dimension to another. It circumnavigates the transhistorical temporality of the object by activating new inscriptions to its body, and to our body as well through reciprocal heuristic involvement.


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This project was part of the symposium In the pause of a gesture there might be an echo by Suns and Stars and curated by Anastasija Pandilovska and Marjoca de Greef, the whole Project initiated by CDCM Creative Europe.