Performance at Zuiderzee region, stillcut, 7min film

Inside out@ Zuiderzee

In the depot of the Zuiderzee museum in Enkhuizen there are 29386 objects hidden and frozen in time. In the project Zuiderzee museum – Inside Out these objects are highlighted and taken on a one-day trip to their original place and today’s context. Every object can be connected to a place in the Zuiderzee region and a date by its historical background. Choosing a specific date for each object offers a new way of organizing the archive of the museum. Four times a year an object will be highlighted. On the special day of the object an activity is created. This shapes the design of a mobile that carries the object out of the depot into the region.
The project questions the way of how the Zuiderzeemuseum collect objects and brings them all to one spot. Zuiderzeemuseum – Inside Out connects the Zuiderzee museum and the objects of the depot to the original region and our modern time.