Design Reseach Podcast

The Knowledge Circle (Kenniskring) of Design Academy Eindhoven maps the ‘research-through-design’ approach of students. In collaboration with the whole Design Academy community, the Knowledge Circle tries to find a common language to talk about design research practices. Examples are given of graduation projects in which a thinking-through-making approach becomes manifest.

Researching the hidden narrative of an object Aram Lee came across a human size bolster cushion made of bamboo, which originated from Indonesia in the Dutch colonial context. By deconstructing the so called ‘Dutch wife’ and transforming it into a blanket she wants to liberate the object.

Design Research Podcast, Design Academy Eindhoven
Dutch Design Week DDW 2017 Aram Lee, Dutch Wife


  • Interviews: Katinka Baehr

  • Editor in chief: Jennifer Pettersson

  • Editing and sounddesign: Jair Stein

  • Mix: Alfred Koster

  • Production: Jennifer Pettersson & Knowledge Circle of Design Academy Eindhoven

  • Graphic Design: Studio Joost Grootens(Silke Koeck)

  • Board Design: Pim Bens

  • Coordination: Pleun van Dijk, Liesbeth Fit, Danielle Arets

  • Soundtrack: Blue Dot Sessions -