Descamp –
No Longer Stranger

‘Before speaking her name,
She had been nothing
but a gesture.’

The thing cannot just be itself. We won’t let it be. We want things to be understood and relatable to our lives. We want to define and think about things in as many ways as possible; like using metaphors, resemblance, and difference. I took this unknown object from the museum. This whole story started from there. And what is it? Who are you? How can I give a meaning to this object which is not defined?

Through giving it a name? Making a difference in a label? Giving them function? Creating a new context?

Archeologists still can’t define this object. Although they can guess, as they always have to be objective and always have to work with the facts that can be proven. But a designer can define an object freely depending on their own imagination.

Project Descamp is a fictional story around one unknown object found inside a collection in The National Museum in Korea. This project enabled me to investigate the role of material culture in society, as well as the possible role a designer might play in giving an identity to an unknown object.
‘Unknown Object’ B.C 2500-2000 Collection in National Museum in Korea.