Stills from filmed performance, HD, 14’, 2019


On one summer’s night in Amsterdam, “ten export winter landscapes” moved out from the dark archives of the Tropenmuseum and dispersed into the shadowy corners of the city. Ten performers on a precarious boat, each carrying a winter landscape painting, journey into the sea from the IJ. While these landscapes are painted by Cantonese painters and attributed to the region, the imagination behind them is a result of an exchange between the Dutch and the Cantonese in the 19th century. Intended to be sold in the Netherlands they become not only souvenirs of the exotic but a conversation between two contexts: collaged into one heterogeneous scene. The act re-performs this historical narrative along unstable waters and illumination, in between movement and stillness. What is at stake here are questions of cultural authority in the representation of histories constructed through diasporic movements.

Archive: ‘Ten export Landscape’, ten series of oil painting, Canton, China, NMVW, Netherlands, 
Project supported by Amsterdams fonds voor de kunst(AFK), Framer Framed